Does your enterprise struggle to cope up with the unpredictable changes that demand new levels of business resilience and agility to respond to market disruptions?

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Today, Application Modernization is no longer a choice for organizations, rather a necessity to survive and thrive. We understand this and therefore as a technology partner, we help you re-envision your business and modernize your IT landscape and infrastructure with the latest new-age technologies that result in higher efficiency and productivity while ensuring the highest levels of security.

We leverage our deep understanding of digital and enterprise technologies across industries combined with a design thinking approach, that helps to create and execute the value-driven modernization roadmap especially customized for your business landscape ensuring seamless and successful transformation initiatives.

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“The global Application Modernization Services Market size is expected to grow from USD 11.4 billion in 2020 to USD 24.8 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 17% during the forecast period.”

How can you Leverage Modernization?

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Technology Platform and Version Upgrade​

Move to a new technology platform, Application/Database version upgrade​.

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New Front-end & New Biz Logic​, Micro frontend

Re-structure and optimize existing code without​ changing its external behaviour.​

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Cloud Enablement​

Deploy the existing application or newly built components in Cloud or Hybrid environment in Cloud.​

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Modular Monolith or Microservices​

Incrementally rebuild the application component while ensuring business continuity.

Why Choose Us

We have a robust partner ecosystem and a strong centre of excellence that aims to provide transformative and competitive business solutions, to make your application modernization journey smooth and seamless.

Our team of professional geeks will help you identify, assess and prioritize the key areas, applications and platforms in your business to accelerate your path to innovation, improved customer experiences and reduce cost and business complexities.

40+ Successfully Delivered Projects Across:

Values Delivered through Modernization

  • Enterprise aligned with the business needs​
  • Overcome Legacy Barriers​
  • User-Friendly Application Interface
  • Seamless integration of on-premise and cloud
  • Data Security and Integrity
  • Business stability and enhanced performance

Application Modernization FAQs

What is Modernization?

Modernization means replacing the old legacy technologies with more innovative services that help transform and modernize the IT infrastructure which will alleviate the strain on human resources, give better customer experience and drive business growth.

Legacy core IT systems are often very expensive in terms of maintenance and have huge operational costs. The software also becomes obsolete quite quickly.

To solve the issue, IT modernization which is the re-engineering of business processes can be adopted. This enables innovation, agility, and the creation of new cultures. It also allows having control over various business processes and across various departments, which helps in business growth. It provides companies with the digital services, processes, and reliable business intelligence they need to develop new business models. IT simplification and optimization are the results of modernization.

Why is Modernization important for a business?

IT organizations that rely on legacy applications often face hurdles such as incompatibilities, unnecessary maintenance costs, and a shortage of legacy programmers. This impacts the organization's ability to effectively achieve full digital transformation. Fueling the flames is the integration challenge posed by legacy applications. Traditional applications are difficult to integrate with the latest technologies such as AI, IoT, and the cloud.

To cope with the volatile business scenario, organizations need technological innovations to meet ever-changing customer demands, improve operational efficiency, and contribute to employee satisfaction.

IT Modernization is the backbone of business transformation, and it is important for a business as old legacy systems have some constraints that do not allow businesses to grow. Such as:

  • Non-Responsive UI
  • Unstable and Inefficiency
  • Can’t use emerging technologies
  • Lack of information
  • Can’t deploy on cloud
  • Inflexible architecture
  • Security risk
  • Lack of information
  • Very costly to manage
  • Lack of user-friendliness

What are the benefits of Modernization to a business?

Today's highly digitized world is changing rapidly. Some technologies become obsolete overnight as new technologies hit the market every day. As technology becomes obsolete, many problems begin to occur, from bugs to lack of support and services, affecting businesses and their customers alike. This is where application modernization plays a key role. This is a solution to bring new life to monolithic applications.

The key benefits of modernization are:

  • Competitive Advantage: By working on application modernization while your competitors are pondering, you can enjoy the benefits of a good start. By modernizing your applications, you can boost your trust and increase your organization's digital adoption. Modernization allows organizations to integrate the latest platforms and technologies to keep up with competition.

  • Improved Compatibility: Interoperability improves by updating legacy applications with new-age technology. In addition, organizations can seamlessly integrate applications to meet current and future business needs.

  • Helps Improve Employee Productivity: In this digital age, everyone wants to upgrade with the latest technology. However, if you are still using older software or technology, employee satisfaction will be reduced, and productivity will be directly impacted. Employees get frustrated by doing the same repetitive work and it does not allow them to be productive. With access to the latest technology, developers and management staff may be more productive than ever before.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: It can be both difficult and challenging to use outdated software. Customers may look to find one of your competitors due to bugs, glitches, and delayed application loading. Modern IT ecosystems, on the other hand, have a sophisticated user interface, crucial functionality, and new features. All of this contributes to increased consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Improved Security: Legacy applications have many security measures that need to be monitored and updated in response to the latest cyber threats. Cyber-attacks can occur without a good security plan to protect your business and its data, and your customers and sensitive data can be lost. It saves a lot of money and provides top-notch security when a company switches to cloud-native applications.

  • Increase Revenue: Through modernization, businesses can increase their revenue. If a company decides to grow its business, it can add new services or processes that can add value to the needs of its customers. You can use application modernization to add new features or services, to improve the customer experience and increase revenue.

How can JK Tech help organizations achieve efficiency through Modernization?

As businesses are realizing the need to move towards modernization to keep pace with the increasing competition, they need a technology partner who can re-envision the entire business landscape and modernize the IT infrastructure.

JK Tech understands various technologies across enterprises and industries that can help improve efficiency and increase ROI by creating customized and seamless transformation initiatives.

JK Tech has successfully delivered projects across:

  • SAP Modernization
  • Progress Modernization
  • QAD Modernization